I am James Morrow Hiebert and I own and administrate the hiebert.name domain.

I am a computer scientist, researcher, programmer, Linux system administrator, trail ultra-marathon runner, environmentalist, wilderness canoe guide, Mennonite, and hiker/backpacker/climber/<anything-outside>-er. I used to live in Washington, DC, but thankfully have moved to Victoria, British Columbia. While I enjoy the culture and excitement of the cities, I simultaneously long for the peace and solace of the wilderness. I hang out in the out-of-doors a lot and my SummitPost profile can be found here

I work for the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium as Lead of the Computational Support Group. I develop software for modeling and simulating global climate change and its effects on the Pacific Northwest. I used to work for the National Oceanic and Atmostpheric Administration as a Physical Scientist supporting NOAA's hydrographic surveys of the United States coast.

I received my Master's in Computer Science from the University of Oregon Bachelor's in Computer Science from Goshen College.

I like exploring and discovering new places and studying and creating maps. To that end, I am an active contributor to the OpenStreetMap, a publicly editable, crowd sourced, online map of the world. My contributions focus on bicycle and pedestrian trails and include hundreds of miles of trails and routes that I have cycled, hiked and run---ranging from the District of Columbia to British Columbia to Alaska and many places in between.

I like to geek out while having real experiences. I maintain an extensive GPS database from my hikes, runs, and skis and I wrote my own web-app to explore them

I am a trail ultra-marathon runner. Race reports and data from my races can be found here.

I like taking good photos photos. But I only do it when I'm the mood to carry a good camera and take the time to look through the lens.

In the past, I have had some great adventures and even sat down to write about them.